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John N. StutsmanWishing you a very Happy Birthday Valerie. Have a great b-day.15 hours ago

Beau BrandtHappy Birthday!15 hours ago

George Kirkpatrickgimme' sum O' dat' kiddo'!15 hours ago

Bill BanningHappy Birthday17 hours ago

Scott ValentineWhat kind of wine goes with ice cream? :)17 hours ago

Dorothy HowardHappy Birthday Valerie!16 hours ago

Simone Bransch FerroWine and dessert!🎂🍷14 hours ago

Richard L. WhiteNeil; She's only 37, that's why she looks so young.16 hours ago

Toto WebNice picture !10 hours ago

Chris LangstonNice to have some alone time. I am doing the same, no stress!12 hours ago

Margaret Gortarez MillanesHappy Birthday girlfriend!!17 hours ago

William Kendall CareHappy birthday to you have a great day16 hours ago

Eddie MillerNice enjoy.16 hours ago

Lori FloresHave an Awesome Birthday Fast Friend!!!13 hours ago

Jonny SkogEnjoy yourself 😁17 hours ago

Kenneth B FrickHappy Birthday16 hours ago

Preston RubyHappy Birthday!!!11 hours ago

Dave StewartVery pretty lady. Plain hot Val.15 hours ago

Victor HansenGood food good wine Happy birthday. Valerie!8 hours ago

Perry Warrenyou've earned it11 hours ago

Valerie ThompsonHappy Birthday Valerie Thompson...from the English Valerie Thompson!! x8 hours ago

Samantha SobeckiHey Val, just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday! Hope you had fun on your special day!13 hours ago

Kenneth SalyardsHappy Birthday Valerie. Here's to another great year of speed!!16 hours ago

Gary HartHappy Happy birthday from the Ohio boys16 hours ago

Robert De BlieckHappy Birthday!17 hours ago

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Michael HorneIs that your street bike?1 day ago

Mark AdelizziLookin fab!15 hours ago

Wayne Henry SrHappy Birthday Valerie24 hours ago

Richard L. WhiteKOOL, Birthday Girl.1 day ago

Daniel A. NavarroSeen it good job22 hours ago

Franklin BurtonHave a wonderful Birthday Valerie.1 day ago

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Jeff McCuistionYou share a birthday with one of my daughters.1   ·  3 days ago

Jeff HeronimusAmen girl! Mom's ROCK!1   ·  3 days ago

Ron PayneMe tooooooo! :))))1   ·  3 days ago

Go Coffee EnergyHappy birthday Valerie! May it be your best year ever!1 day ago

Patricia BlaskovicBest Wishes for a fun birthday Valerie2 days ago

Will McKnightWhat nice things to say about your mom!3 days ago

Michael InfanzonHappy birthday. Let me know when I can buy you a Starbucks.3 days ago

Nicky ZarrasWishing you the best on your birthday... Gods speed...2 days ago

Patric WorthHappy Birthday!2 days ago

Leo TamburiniHappy birthday Valerie!2 days ago

Shutterpilot RacingHappy Birthday!1 day ago

Bill SimpsonHappy Birthday You Fast Beautiful Girl!!!1 day ago

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Rusty Albertsonnow you can go faster Valerie..1   ·  4 days ago

Kelly Johnson ScibettiYou look fabulous as usual!!!! Love the new hair :)1   ·  4 days ago

John RiversSo you look good and you can look good!4 days ago

James McQuownBeautiful!4 days ago

Les MorrisOne time I had to sneeze and one popped out4 days ago

Barbara FuentesIt gets better. It took me forever when i first started wearing em. Congrats!4 days ago

Eileen Wini MawsonI know how you feel, it took me a long time to pop them in and get use to them. The new you is looking lovely. :-)3 days ago

Jim WagonerPretty, fast, & she can see again!4 days ago

Tom CollierI can't even put eyedrops in!4 days ago

Shane John HargraveOh i have the same pleasure awaiting me this afternoon, first appointment 😦3 days ago

John FellerLooking good. You'll get used to putting them in and tacking them out. After a month you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner4 days ago

Blair StephensYeah!!4 days ago

Eddie C Jr HollidayLol can u teach me how4 days ago

Bryan GillespieSame great smile.4 days ago

Jonny SkogJust get better every time 😃4 days ago

Ridewright WheelsI wish I could buy new contacts and get new hair! :)3 days ago

Philip DiMarzioSaves on prescription face shields!4 days ago

Jan PetersNot only do you look happier but you look Sharp,Girl. Go Valerie!4 days ago

Ron PayneLooks good Val :)4 days ago

Christin Crushis that permanent 0: lol4 days ago

Maree Lincoln BrooksMy eyes water just thinking about that!! Glasses for me...4 days ago

Trezeguet RichardCoooollll3 days ago

Nick MancusoNow you can see. That's Scary. Everything was just a blur and it looked so fast. Now you're going to feel like you were able to walk faster then that. Time to go faster!!!3 days ago

Mike BattlesWow you look great4 days ago

Melissa StaatsCongrats!4 days ago

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Valerie Thompson is a 5 time Land Speed Record holder. From the Bonneville Salt Flats to NHRA Drag Racing, She’s all about speed!

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