Valerie Thompson’s news from the road…

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Melissa TurnerDang so bummed wanted to get up there...Hope come back again here to #Seattle....SafeTravels~1   ·  1 day ago

Rex HarrisLet us know when you are coming to Indy!1   ·  1 day ago

Enio BatalhaParabéns Família Linda Valerie !!1   ·  1 day ago

Tom DeanNow there's a great looking family.... we can see where you get your good looks Val.17 hours ago

Gabe CarrilloNice pic. You look happy . Have good time.18 hours ago

Jason-jill Butkovichlooks like a fun time1 day ago

Lucia LeGaultlet us know when you come to your home town. Check out knew Mt Tahoma it is nice19 hours ago

Michael R. AnnaVery nice pic23 hours ago

Richard L. White'Awesome'!!!1 day ago

James GosteliVal your dad and mom look great ! Have not seen your dad for a long time !14 hours ago

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Nathan Erin BrodeurThe kiddy bike at least the kiddy bike was a Harley Davidson 😃😃👍2   ·  1 day ago

Pat TaylorThat's what Harley riders practice on before they spring for the real ones. Lol2   ·  1 day ago

Sara WratherWhere's your helmet?2   ·  1 day ago

Ken HazzardIf they dont trust the 7 time land speed record holding Queen Valerie. I dont stand a chance getting a test ride. lol Lookin Fine Valerie :)2   ·  1 day ago

Gary HoffmanDid you get it up to speed?2   ·  1 day ago

Rich WoodwardAhh, but you make it look good!2   ·  1 day ago

Warren Yeelove that photo (you forgot your safety gear . lol). yep, been trying to get you to come up to the Seattle area during the int'l motorcycle shows, and you finally show up on the day I leave town. hope you made it back here again (don't forget to get your own Seahawks jersey before you leave).1   ·  1 day ago

David M. BurgessVal, a pleasure talking to you today. You deserve all of your great publicity. My Valerie Thompson Racing T-shirt is a little small, however. Yes, I was warned.1   ·  1 day ago

Derrick EvertsIs/was that your first Harley Davidson? Lookn good...don't ya think so..Larry Bauer?1 day ago

Burt Curryharley dealers are like that.1 day ago

Dale Strunki got a quarter, if you wanna nudder ride.1 day ago

Andy SulskisThose need a dime or quarter to ride? Glad you have a sense of humor!1 day ago

Steve McCabeBUT you imake that bke look like its rockin the road !1 day ago

Donald ButtsI want next24 hours ago

Kyle CruickshankI seriously doubt that but you look good on it too17 hours ago

Trinity Beckett-LujanYou look great8 hours ago

Tador MachinesLol excellent!1 day ago

Sam HillFigured you would blow up their V-twins. Hot rod9 hours ago

William Willy StambaughLove it. That would be cool for my grandson1 day ago

Matt J. KerrThey must have seen you coming, ha ha!1 day ago

Don Gannnow val i just don't hardly believe that! ;)1 day ago

George BurnayBut hey! It's a springer !!1 day ago

Christofer WaitsBrum brum...1 day ago

Frankie LindseyGo fast1 day ago

George Kirkpatrickstill looks like yer doin 200 mph plus !!1 day ago

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Jim MathersThat's my buddy Rinold Bruce Vanbuskirk right on bro good for you1   ·  1 day ago

Timothy BrooksAwesome photo1   ·  2 days ago

Rinold Bruce VanbuskirkIv been waiting for 2 months to see her1 day ago

Chuck KirkpatrickLook at that HOTT rider in the middle1 day ago

Clay GilesHow close do you ever get to Va. Valerie ?2 days ago

Jerri EhlertValerie thanks for making my husbands and uncles day yesterday they where like two kids when they got home lol thank you again bruces wife20 hours ago

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Richard L. White"Sunshine"; Doesn't look like a Harley-Davidson to us. Maxx.1   ·  2 days ago

Tom DeanHot Chick in a Hot Car... who could ask for anything more?1   ·  2 days ago

Lucia LeGaultval are you racing stock cars now. check out our web. LeGault Auto Racing. we are racing the fall classic today in Yakima in our back up race car. the PT hit the wall to much damage to repair in a week. had to get back up car for the outlaw compacts class today. it does not have any set up abillity but will race today1 day ago

Nathan Erin BrodeurIf you want to take it for a spin the battery box is located in front of the drivers rear tire2 days ago

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Tom DeanIt's amazing to see the banner "7X Land Speed Record Holder"... you are amazing.1   ·  2 days ago

Nathan Erin BrodeurYou have a Beautiful smile 😘😘😘❤️❤️1   ·  2 days ago

Jason-jill ButkovichThey are lucky to have you! You'll be great!!!!!!!!!!1   ·  2 days ago

Michael SeelYou're welcome! Have a good time!! :)1   ·  2 days ago

Timothy BrooksAwesome photo speed lady have a great day2 days ago

Suzy BritainHer she comes here comes speed racer she's a demon on wheels.. (you might be a little young to know this song lol)22 hours ago

Donald NashThanks for the skills and thrills..2 days ago

Enio BatalhaParabéns Sucesso Valerie... <3 ;)2 days ago

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Valerie Thompson is a 5 time Land Speed Record holder. From the Bonneville Salt Flats to NHRA Drag Racing, She’s all about speed!

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