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Stephen BudgeGood luck. I am sure you will do great on your BMW. I will be cheering for you.5 hours ago

Ken PeaceGood luck. You'll be a rock star. Be safe.9 hours ago

Randall ShraderGood luck. Set a new record.10 hours ago

Victor HansenThe need for speed good luck Valerie! 10 hours ago

Doug HartGrip it and rip it Val!!11 hours ago

Ron MandarinoGood luck to you.12 hours ago

William RussellNice helmet! :D12 hours ago

Kyle CruickshankMaybe 213....12 hours ago

Kyle CruickshankSo what do think this year. 207....12 hours ago

Ed Bennettgo fast be safe8 hours ago

Steve Papi ChappellGo get'em VTR!11 hours ago

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Victor HansenAll that room to run !!10 hours ago

Vance W. HoudyshellSalty dogs19 hours ago

Natalie NatalieLove this photo1 day ago

Tom CollierMake those clouds go away Valerie!1 day ago

Tim HallrudWhere is their grass?1 day ago

Vicki SappMiss them!!!1 day ago

Les MorrisOne looks like it's going fast1 day ago

Lori MurrayMy Rocco is terrified of wind. Hope you have a great time.1 day ago

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Video screenshot

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Craig WoodLame2   ·  2 days ago

Karl D. HicksGood for you girly girl, BUT what's up with the helmet?1   ·  2 days ago

Ramon RabathalyVal was it really that cold1   ·  2 days ago

David E WrightVal aren't you ashamed of your self. Girlfriend that little bit of water rolled off the side of that helmet. lol1   ·  2 days ago

John MillerI hope all that icy cold water didn't damage your helmet! But still a good effort and great cause...1   ·  2 days ago

Mark AdelizziI believe the rules state no Schuberth Helmets, so you might have to do it again...hahaha3   ·  2 days ago

Johny Crimelame pay the 1001   ·  2 days ago

Drue CuzIcan BautistaHey no helmets allowed lol jk3   ·  2 days ago

Aaron SwaffordWay to gear up!2   ·  2 days ago

Ron PayneThank you Val, you are too funny, so is the Schuberth helmet ice proof, I know u need to test it in all conditions. Lol1   ·  2 days ago

Eric PageVery nice, thank you so much for doing it. You da bomb!1   ·  2 days ago

Kyle CruickshankGood On ya Valerie1   ·  2 days ago

Karl D. HicksSdtay=stay2 days ago

Karl D. HicksBeing an old privateer from the 70's I completely understand rep'n for the sponsor. I used to race a Harley 125&250 on 3/8& 1/2 mile flat track now called speedway. Now I ride an 06 V-Rod VRSCR. Be fast and sdtay safe, Karl(kactus kid)Hicks2 days ago

Karl D. HicksI did it last saturday and I agree it was cold but totally worth it2 days ago

Warren W. WeissThat's how it's done.2 days ago

Michael S RennieShe's got legs!!!!2 days ago

George Kirkpatrickhard ta hear ya kiddo'?2 days ago

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Danny KimYou should do it the real way and get sprayed with fire hoses at the same time!!! 🚒🚨🚒🚨3 days ago

Valerie Thompson Fan PageOMG… down to the last hour for this call out challenge!! I should just do it and get it over…Now I wish I was in Arizona….Here in Park City - its cold and rainy…!3 days ago

Clifford AndersonGo for it Valerie ! You can do it !! I like your "Happy Dance" photo !1   ·  3 days ago

Rich GiebelHe did stipulate that you have to do it in a bikini right?1   ·  3 days ago

Tim BeckwithDon't even think of calling me out. Lmao1   ·  3 days ago

David A DuttWhere is prove of your video for ice challenge?1 day ago

David A DuttWhere is prove of Video Winks!1 day ago

Paul ChildsCool2 days ago

Charles Elseathat is so cool3 days ago

Vance W. HoudyshellFoot pop That usually happens when I kiss a girl Just saying3 days ago

Bryan ReidJust so beautiful3 days ago

Nicholas HouhoulisLike3 days ago

Dana CurrierSure your fans like see you do it3 days ago

Grizz John Opie Watson😂😂😂😂😂✊lol3 days ago

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Valerie Thompson is a 5 time Land Speed Record holder. From the Bonneville Salt Flats to NHRA Drag Racing, She’s all about speed!

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