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I just ordered racing parts from JEGS with my sponsorship certificate from 2012. They are always so helpful and know their products. Thank you JEGS for your support 2012!! ... See MoreSee Less

6 days ago

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Twyla LoveSo nice meeting both of you. I forgot to give you that rv app. Rv parky1   ·  2 days ago

Joseph ContiYou are an amazing lady1   ·  6 days ago

Christopher DemosGREAT PHOTO !!!1   ·  6 days ago

Joseph Strickerwhat took you so long5 days ago

Bill Brownjegs is a winning team5 days ago

Tom DeanBeautiful pic, Val... JEGS is a great supplier.5 days ago

Warren W. WeissYou're hardcore, Valerie.6 days ago

John RiversGreat choice!6 days ago

Ismael Carmona Macias@Valerie Thompson: #YEEEEAH #GREAT #BMVV #ONLYGLAMOUR & #FASHION ;)6 days ago

Daniel A. NavarroHell yes jegs is a great parts company. Yes great pic1   ·  6 days ago

Chris MathernJegs is AWESOME !!!... they always have great stuff. Great picture as well5 days ago

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Signing autographs with Troy Corser, Michael Dunlop and Markus Reiterberger…at the #BMWMotorradDays ... See MoreSee Less

6 days ago

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Joanna OrrMichael Dunlop?!?! I'm jealous!2   ·  6 days ago

Tomaz HojnikValerie thenks for autograf1   ·  6 days ago

Wayne CharpieI need one from you....seriously. How do I get one?1   ·  6 days ago

Daniel A. Navarro😍 where at6 days ago

Les MorrisYou Rock Valerie1   ·  6 days ago

Jean-paul AfflickSome very good company there. TT legend and Aussie hero.6 days ago

John RiversLovely smile!6 days ago

Jeffrey A. ScritsmierNice! Good company!6 days ago

Gabe CarrilloYahoooo you gooo girl. Have fun. Peace6 days ago

Dona DuncanLove that smile.6 days ago

Robert WillisHow cool is that !!!!!!5 days ago

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My Sponsor Magic Bullet is having a SUPER Day!! Breaking NEWS from UK: Magic Bullet Advanced Fuel Treatment is now supplier to with Euro Car Parts ! They are a largest UK distributor of car components. The Magic Bullet Team is "super excited" about this joint venture and future prospects ! Magic Bullet Top Cat Diesel, Top Cat Petrol, Emission Buster and Taxi Mate were some of the products !! All from YOUR # 1 Fuel Treatment Company Magic Bullet. Great Job Alex Hudson!!! ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

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Michael HorneThis girl's got jumps! At first I thought those were bottles of beer! Hahaha!2   ·  1 week ago

Mark AdelizziHow do you get all that air??1 week ago

Valerie Thompson Fan PageTo Buy Magic Bullet here is a link:   ·  1 week ago

Rex Chaney2   ·  1 week ago

Ron MagicBulletGeorge, cant guarantee that, depends , will help remove carbon but depending how stuck it actually is ! for $20.00 , it is worth a shot, will have to add to fuel and drive !1   ·  1 week ago

Blue Ridge GalMagic Bullet works great!7 days ago

Lucia LeGaultcan not see label on the left one. just might be beer. you know bullet beer. lol val you can jump good job7 days ago

Stephen BudgeThat sounds great. Do you get a bigger sponsorship from them. I hope if they do well you and your team will too. Best of luck. Ride safe.1 week ago

Tom DeanHey Val... Magic Bullet makes you fly!! Amazing1 week ago

Solio BarreraThat's quite a jump !!!!!!1 week ago

Kristin RoundLove this pic1 week ago

Restoration WerksGreat picture. Haha!1 week ago

George Kirkpatrickwill it free up an "EGR" valve in toyota rav-4 ??1   ·  1 week ago

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First pass with the Go Pro camera mounted on the push truck! Thank you Harry Pallenberg @ for this footage! ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

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Brian ThomasWhat was with the two spins?1 week ago

Steve HaysJosh Hays1 week ago

Rich WoodwardYep, that was pretty much my view too. Valerie didn't spin, that was later with another driver. We're not certain what happened, the in car camera didn't show him doing anything wrong, it just stepped out past the two mile mark.1 week ago

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Valerie Thompson is a 5 time Land Speed Record holder. From the Bonneville Salt Flats to NHRA Drag Racing, She’s all about speed!

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